FIX–Installed IE9 but hyperlinks have stopped working

by Kev Ritchie 15. March 2011 14:41

I’ve been following the IE9 release with great enthusiasm, installing from beta all the way through to the full RTM.  The upgrade process to each version (beta, RC & RTM) was clean and I could browse away as normal. 

However, I’m sure you’ve noticed that this post is about a fix, so a little back story for you.

I’m a avid user of RSS feeds and have my favourite feeds (thebeebs, UK MSDN Blog and ubelly to name a few) delivered straight to my Outlook 2010 Inbox; now the problem.

Occasionally, I’ll click the View Article button in Outlook to see the article in it’s full glory or sometimes choose to navigate to links within the feed directly from Outlook 2010.  All of a sudden they stopped working, hyperlinks and the View Article button opened IE, but it didn’t load the content…well it did if you already had IE open Winking smile

Setting other browsers as my default, I didn’t encounter the problem.  OK, so the problem’s related to IE then.

After a little bit of digging and registry editing, navigating to links from Outlook is now working. Hurray!! Open-mouthed smile

The Fix

All I had to do was add %1 to the end of the String Value (outside the quotes) in the following registry key:



Normal service can now resume!

Mortal Kombat is coming to the PS3

by Kev Ritchie 2. March 2011 22:39

I remember the excitement and hours spent playing the original Mortal Kombat on the Mega Drive, spending hours perfecting every “death” move.  I didn’t have the internet then, so had to resort to getting the button sequences from the Games Master magazine!  Who remembers that?  Does it still exist?

Anywho, it’s now coming to the PS3! UK release date is set for the 21st April (two days before my birthday if anyone’s interested).

Check out the trailer.  WARNING: It’s pretty gruesome, but then, that’s to be expected.

Upgrading Blog to BlogEngine.NET 2.0

by Kev Ritchie 25. January 2011 11:23

Well, that’s me running on BlogEngine.NET now and the process was relatively painless.

Only a few things that I noticed:

1.  The SQL upgrade scripts from 1.6 to 2.0 removes all users and sticks in a default user of Admin with a password of admin, but it did, however merge my main account with the Admin account, so all my profile info was saved.  And before you try logging in as admin, I’ve changed the password Smile 

2.  I had to reset the reCaptcha keys again.

3.  I had to go into each post and update all my smily/winks as the links had broken.  I guess the lesson here is, don’t over wink or smile…people might think you’re weird.

A list of new features can be found here, for anyone interested.

I have to say the complete overhaul to the Control Panel has definitely won me over, it’s so much easier to use.

If anything else crops up, I’ll be sure to post if here.

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Random Title

by Kev Ritchie 7. January 2011 22:25

I was watching Derren Brown’s Enigma show the other night and during one of his acts he mentioned that there is no such thing as randomness.  It’s not something I’ve really thought about, but surely things can randomly happen?

After much thought and research; thanks Bing, it seems that randomness (and this is just my opinion), is merely a word we use to describe the result of something we don’t understand…yet.

If you’re reading this article, did you randomly find it?  Did I randomly decide to write it?  The answer in both cases is probably no; you were searching for something to do with randomness and Derren Brown intrigued me with his comment, enough to make me look into the concept of randomness.

It’s massive!

GEEKY BIT: If you’re a .NET developer like me; you may have at some point, come across the Random class and used it to randomly generate numerical results or use it to create random passwords.  It says it’s random, so surely it must be?

Well, in short, no.  In the words of the mighty MSDN library the Random class “Represents a pseudo-random number generator, a device that produces a sequence of numbers that meet certain statistical requirements for randomness”.  Pseudo-random numbers are chosen with equal probability from a finite set of numbers. The chosen numbers are not completely random because a definite mathematical algorithm is used to select them.  Anything a computer calculates is based on some kind of mathematical algorithm, so a computer or block of code can never produce a truly random result.

How about the Universe?  Are we all here because of one random event?

Surely, this has to be the most random creation…ever?

Have a go, try and find something random Laughing

Windows Phone 7 Revolution

by Kev Ritchie 16. December 2010 21:41

Yesterday I became the proud owner of a brand new Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 device, courtesy of Ubelly, oh and of course me for coming up with the winning Twitter #techin8 competition entry.

The popularity of Windows Phone 7 meant that I had to wait a few weeks until I received it, so as you can imagine I have been waiting excitedly, like a child the night before Christmas.  All I have to say is; it was worth the wait!

Coming from using Windows Mobile 6.5, the first thing I noticed (apart from the awesome Metro design) was the fluidity and ease of navigating to applications and functions within the phone; using gestures to access the applications menu or using the very cool Live Tiles Smile  Oh, and the responsiveness, simply amazing!  It’s sooo quick.

After a quick browse about and getting a feel for the device, it was time to set it up for me Smile

First thing on my “set things up” list; e-mail.  I use Outlook at work and at home, so the choice for me, use Outlook on the phone too.  Adding an e-mail account to the phone was very simple, accessing the “email & accounts” option in settings, tapping “add an account” and tapping “Outlook” presents you with a screen to enter your e-mail account details, the phone will attempt automatically set up your account for you; if you’re like me and have a Hotmail account, you’ll have to access the Advanced settings when prompted as the automatic setup will fail.  The only thing I noticed here was that, if you tap into the Domain field (which you don’t need to do when adding a Hotmail account), you’ll have to start again because for some reason tapping in it means you have to enter something in it, the setup won't continue without it.  So DON’T tap in the Domain field, just enter in the Server field.  After figuring this out; eventually, all my Hotmail e-mails synchronised to the device.  Nice!

I also added my Windows Live account to the phone; which was much easier (yes, I know, I could have sync’d my e-mails this way too), the only thing I had to do here was combine my Hotmail/Live contacts in the People list with my phone contacts (where necessary), which was relatively simple and had an added bonus of displaying my contact’s Live Account profile pictures if they had one, which makes the People Live Tile a little more interesting Smile

I won’t bore you with all the apps that I downloaded, but all I’ll say is; if you’re at home, connect your phone to your laptop/desktop (make sure you have Zune installed and set up), navigate to the Marketplace and download and install your apps this way; it’s much quicker and doesn’t affect your phone’s monthly download quota.

I only have a few gripes with the phone; the first, you can’t set the Bluetooth on and not discoverable.  Second, you can’t add hidden Wi-Fi networks (you could do this on WM 6.5).  Third, you can’t set an Outlook e-mail synchronisation schedule (you could do this on WM 6.5) and last; and not a WP7 issue, but a device issue…no Micro SD slot.

If anyone knows how to get round any of those, let me know.

All that said and even though I’ve only had the phone a day, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.  It’s a massive improvement on WM 6.5, from what I can remember about it Wink

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