Royal Air Force Air Cadets–Air Training Corps

by Kev Ritchie 27. April 2012 16:15


This blog has been very quiet this year, not only because I have recently started running the development team at Paradise, but because I have returned to my teenage hobby – The Air Training Corps; after almost ten years of leaving!

Part of my return to the Air Cadets involves going back into uniform as a Royal Air Force VR(T) Officer; which is no easy task, so I have been dedicating a lot of my time to this, to make sure I pass with flying colours (no pun intended).

I fully intend in the next few months; well maybe after my wedding in July, to start blogging again; possibly giving a few stories and highlights of my journey to becoming a VR(T) Officer along the way.

Venture Adventure – Per Ardua Ad Astra

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