Upgrading Blog to BlogEngine.NET 2.0

by Kev Ritchie 25. January 2011 11:23

Well, that’s me running on BlogEngine.NET now and the process was relatively painless.

Only a few things that I noticed:

1.  The SQL upgrade scripts from 1.6 to 2.0 removes all users and sticks in a default user of Admin with a password of admin, but it did, however merge my main account with the Admin account, so all my profile info was saved.  And before you try logging in as admin, I’ve changed the password Smile 

2.  I had to reset the reCaptcha keys again.

3.  I had to go into each post and update all my smily/winks as the links had broken.  I guess the lesson here is, don’t over wink or smile…people might think you’re weird.

A list of new features can be found here, for anyone interested.

I have to say the complete overhaul to the Control Panel has definitely won me over, it’s so much easier to use.

If anything else crops up, I’ll be sure to post if here.

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