Day 12 - Windows Azure Platform - Marketplace

by Kev Ritchie 12. December 2010 12:18


On the 12th day of Windows Azure Platform Christmas my true love gave to me the Windows Azure Marketplace.

What is the Windows Azure Marketplace?

You’ve probably heard of the Apple App Store; if not, it’s a central point for application developers to market and sell their applications.  The Windows Azure Marketplace is Microsoft’s way of allowing Windows Azure Application developers to do the same thing, but with one fundamental difference.  The Marketplace has an additional market; the DataMarket.

The DataMarket is a place that allows leading commercial data providers and authoritative public data sources to make data; such as image files, databases, reports on demographics and real-time feeds, readily available (at a price Wink) to business end users and application developers.  End users can consume this data using Microsoft Office tools like Excel or even use Business Intelligence tools like PowerPivot or SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) to mine this data and present it in a way that fits their business purposes.

Application developers can use data feeds to create real-time, content rich applications using a consistent RESTful approach.  This means that developers can consume this data using tools like Visual Studio; well basically any development tools that support HTTP.

Here’s a tad more info on both Markets

Well, this brings an end to the 12 days of Windows Azure Platform Christmas.  For anyone that has been reading and is new to the Windows Azure Platform, I hope this has given you a good insight into what each component of the platform provides and why you should think about using it.

If anything, it has also been a good learning exercise for me Laughing

I have only one thing left to say Merry Christmas!

Oh and here are some links for more detail on the platform:

Windows Azure Platform -

The latest development SDKs -

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