Day 8 - Windows Azure Platform - SQL Azure Data Sync

by Kev Ritchie 8. December 2010 00:12


On the 8th day of Windows Azure Platform Christmas my true love gave to me SQL Azure Data Sync.

What is SQL Azure Data Sync?

SQL Azure Data Sync (current release, CTP 1) is the technology; built using the robust Sync Framework, that allows you to synchronise your SQL Azure databases to other SQL Azure databases within the same data centre or to multiple data centres around the world!

You can access CTP 1 here

So, let’s say you have a web application that is used all around the world and you need to provide your users with high performance; this should always be the case Wink.  Well first, you would make sure that your application is running in Microsoft Data Centres close to the originating source (for example you may have your application hosted in one data centre in Europe and one in North America), but to make sure that the data your users are seeing is correct and up to date, you need Data Sync!  This was what it was built for.

Data Sync also gives you the ability to schedule the transfer of data between your databases, so you don’t need to control it manually.

Also, coming soon is CTP 2 (, which you’ll need to register for.

A nice feature; coming in CTP 2 of Data Sync and one that I think will be used a lot, is Data Sync is not just restricted to synchronising data between SQL Azure Databases; you can also synchronise data to on-premise SQL Server databases.  This is very beneficial if you are required to keep on-premise backups of your databases for security and resilience/disaster recovery purposes.

What you get when you use SQL Azure Data Sync is a reliable, efficient way of synchronising your data, without having to write a single piece of Sync code.  So, put Visual Studio down Smile

Tomorrow’s installment: Windows Azure AppFabric - Service Bus

P.S. If you have any questions, corrections or suggestions to make please let me know.

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