Day 7 - Windows Azure Platform - SQL Azure Reporting

by Kev Ritchie 7. December 2010 00:00


On the 7th day of Windows Azure Platform Christmas my true love gave to me SQL Azure Reporting.

Well, not quite yet Wink SQL Azure Reporting isn’t available commercially, but you can register to be invited to the CTP Enjoy!

But what is SQL Azure Reporting?

SQL Azure Reporting is the Cloud-based version of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and provides almost all the same features that you’re used to; with the exception of scheduled delivery, subscriptions and developer extensibility, but it does however, provide a central, highly available, fault tolerant reporting system to you and your customers.

So, what are the key benefits to you?

Well, first and foremost, less work and cost Smile.  The infrastructure for delivering your reports is all ready there, which allows you to just get on and create the reports you need.

For all you security bods out there, SQL Azure Reporting includes a rich authentication/authorisation model which gives you reliable and secure access to your reports and the underlying data of the reports.  So there’s no need to worry what’s happening when you let your reports fly into the ether.

That’s all great, but I missed one point.  Any reports you create and upload to SQL Azure Reporting can be directly accessed within your Windows Azure or on-site application, through your favourite browser (in my case IE9 beta) or through the SQL Azure portal.  Brilliant, hardly any work for you; well if you don’t include building the report and an application that accesses your reports Wink

So with a small investment in the building or even migrating of your reports to SQL Azure Reporting, you get an infrastructure that opens the way for you to deliver your reports robustly and securely to your customers or even the world!

Tomorrow installment: SQL Azure – Data Sync 

P.S. If you have any questions, corrections or suggestions to make please let me know.

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