77 Windows 7 Tips

by Kev Ritchie 4. November 2010 13:38

I was just reading the Microsoft UK TechNet Blog and noticed a post on 77 Windows 7 Tips. I usually read this kind of post as they sometimes have little pieces of gold that are not openly documented (well not that I can normally find) :)

This post didn't disappoint.  One little gem jumped out at me (Tip 7); The Problem Steps Recorder (PSR).  If you don't have RDP or Remote Assistance access to a computer, then (as long as the client computer runs Windows 7), they can type psr in their Instant Search and record their session and send it to you, more detail in the link above.

Silverlight...should developers give up?!?

by Kev Ritchie 3. November 2010 17:02

The answer NO!

Here's an awesome response from UK Developer Evangelist, Mike Taulty as to why Silverlight is still in the game.

Check Mike's blog

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