OK, OK, yes I'm a geek!

by Kev Ritchie 21. November 2010 20:18

It's not often that I profess to being a geek, but today I was looking through my DVD collection and noticed that I have a fair few "geek" films.  I like to think they're cool and never get bored of watching them.

Here a just a few that I can see at a glance.

1. Hackers - This should be in every geeks DVD collection.  Yes, there are a few technical faux pas, but we can let them slip because, well just because.

2. War Games - Who wouldn't want a super computer like Joshua!

3. Antitrust - Was this based on Microsoft?!? They've certainly tried to make Tim Robbins look like Bill Gates.  Well; that aside, Rachael Leigh Cook and Claire Forlani are in it, so that's good enough for me Laughing

How sad I am!  If you're a geek like me, what geek films do you have in your DVD collection?

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