FIX–Installed IE9 but hyperlinks have stopped working

by Kev Ritchie 15. March 2011 14:41

I’ve been following the IE9 release with great enthusiasm, installing from beta all the way through to the full RTM.  The upgrade process to each version (beta, RC & RTM) was clean and I could browse away as normal. 

However, I’m sure you’ve noticed that this post is about a fix, so a little back story for you.

I’m a avid user of RSS feeds and have my favourite feeds (thebeebs, UK MSDN Blog and ubelly to name a few) delivered straight to my Outlook 2010 Inbox; now the problem.

Occasionally, I’ll click the View Article button in Outlook to see the article in it’s full glory or sometimes choose to navigate to links within the feed directly from Outlook 2010.  All of a sudden they stopped working, hyperlinks and the View Article button opened IE, but it didn’t load the content…well it did if you already had IE open Winking smile

Setting other browsers as my default, I didn’t encounter the problem.  OK, so the problem’s related to IE then.

After a little bit of digging and registry editing, navigating to links from Outlook is now working. Hurray!! Open-mouthed smile

The Fix

All I had to do was add %1 to the end of the String Value (outside the quotes) in the following registry key:



Normal service can now resume!

Mortal Kombat is coming to the PS3

by Kev Ritchie 2. March 2011 22:39

I remember the excitement and hours spent playing the original Mortal Kombat on the Mega Drive, spending hours perfecting every “death” move.  I didn’t have the internet then, so had to resort to getting the button sequences from the Games Master magazine!  Who remembers that?  Does it still exist?

Anywho, it’s now coming to the PS3! UK release date is set for the 21st April (two days before my birthday if anyone’s interested).

Check out the trailer.  WARNING: It’s pretty gruesome, but then, that’s to be expected.

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